These last two semesters of college have been a doozy, but I feel hopeful that soon I will resume my venture hyena lifestyle.  My confidence stems from the fact that the other day I accepted a summer position at Yellowstone National Park!  In light of this amazing news, here are a couple quick snapshots of that side of the country from my last summer trip.

Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country – what a view to wake up to.. (Glacier NP, MT)

Glacier NP, MT

The rest of the day never fails to disappoint, either (Glacier NP, MT).

Look out for posts from South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana starting in late May.  Woohoo!


4 thoughts on “NEWS!

  1. 1. One of my next big trips is to ride my motorcycle to Glacier National Park, and I am looking forward to it! Big Sky Country here I come…

    2. What will you be doing in Yellowstone? Your summer job may be similar to the time that Jack Kerouac spent on Desolation Peak. He used his journals from his 63 days as a fire lookout there to write “The Dharma Bums” and “Desolation Angels.” Have you read either of those books?

    3. I’m writing an Alphabetical Blog of places in the USA that I have been. You might want to check it out: Feel free to make comments if you visit!

    1. Glacier is such a beautiful place! I spent a week there last summer, and it’s just phenomenal.. Mountains, lakes, trails, wildlife… huckleberry pie… 🙂 I’ll be working in hospitality but I’m sure I’ll have some good time to explore and be inspired by the area.. I have not read either of those, but I do a lot of reading in the summer so I will add those to my list. Thanks for the suggestions!

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