“Home” is a concept I struggle with.  Is home where I was born?  Where my family is stationed?  Where my parents are from?  Where I go to school?  Where I go for the holidays?  For military brats and other transients, there is simply no easy answer to the question, “Where are you from?”

While I can’t tell you where home is, I can tell you where I am right now.  I live in a college town in northwest Indiana called West Lafayette.  I’ve lived on both coasts of the USA, I’ve lived in the South, and I’ve lived in both Asia and Europe.  As you can imagine, I experienced a pretty serious case of culture shock when I moved to the Midwest two years ago.  I don’t know the first thing about corn or soybeans and I’ve never played Euchre.  I’ve never lived so far from hills and mountains and water.

You might think Indiana would bore me after having traveled all my life.  Well, sometimes it does.  But a true traveler knows how to adjust to his or her surroundings.  A true traveler finds wonder in any place – even at home, even in Indiana.

So I’d like to share a few highlights of the Greater Lafayette Area, starting from my window.  Call me boring, but one of my favorite pastimes is sitting by the window, watching the world go by and the seasons change.

Humid summer

Humid summer


Frosty winter

Damp autumn

Damp autumn

And just outside, there’s plenty to do.  I make at least one cafe trip a week, usually to a little place down the street called Greyhouse.  They serve smooth-tasting fair trade coffee and boast an amazing selection loose leaf teas.  It’s a great place to read, study, or just sit and relax.

Himalayan Gold and my favorite book

Himalayan Gold and my favorite book

Once in a while I venture down the hill for a stroll around town.  It’s small and quiet most of the time, but the old brick buildings and colorful storefronts are worth the occasional visit.

Colorful downtown Lafayette

Colorful downtown Lafayette

If you only have time for a short visit in Lafayette, check out the town’s favorite local landmarks.  Grab a burger and some ice cold root beer at Triple XXX.  My favorite menu item is the Duane Purvis, known by some as the peanut butter burger.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it!  Also spend an hour or two wandering around Von’s shops, where you can find pretty much anything: books, records, trendy clothing, beads, incense, cards, toys, comics, you name it.

The Duane Purvis All American

The Duane Purvis All American

Von's shops, a West Lafayette landmark

Von’s shops, a West Lafayette landmark

Also worthwhile is a visit to campus, which is where I will be for the next two weeks finishing up school projects and studying for exams, along with the other 40,000 or so students enrolled at Purdue.  Wish us luck!  I can’t wait until the end of the semester when I can finally get back to enjoying all that our quirky little town has to offer.


2 thoughts on “Home Base // WEST LAFAYETTE, IN

  1. wow. a trip down memory lane! LOVE the Duane Purvis burger! It’s great with a root-beer float. And Von’s!…..your dad and I had a laughter breakdown in there one time over a Gary Larson card. It was a funny one. Your blog is awesome.

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